Made in Tanzania


    In the middle of the immense African savannah, right on the border between Kenya and Tanzania in the Rift valley’s highlands live the Maasai, a proud and graceful civilization whose history has become a true legend.

    The Maasai are nomad shepherds, originating from Sudan. Almost three centuries ago they settled on the piece of land that stretches from the Kilimangiaro mountains all the way to lake Vittoria. Their life follows the relentless rhythm of nature and its seasons, breeding livestock. Today, due to climate change and all its dramatic repercussions, the Maasai are at risk. Cattle is their only source of livelihood, but it might not be enough to keep this glorious population alive.

     Maasai people live relegated from the rest of African society. Schools and hospitals are often unreachable due to the lack of transportation means. Women are not permitted an education or a job, because theirs is a patriarchal tribe. The women’s main activity is in fact devoted to creating beautiful jewelry, which can be done at home, in the presence of children and the elderly.