A Tanzanian Jewel: bracelets with purpose.


Imagine the immense African savannah, the proud and graceful civilization of the Maasai tribe whose history has become a trueegend. Inspired by the Rift valley’s highlands right in the border between Kenya and Tanzania, the Maasai tribe is well known for its traditional and handmade bead jewelry.

Beadwork has always been an important part of the Maasai culture, women spend part of their day to create their beautiful crafts, including colorful necklaces, pendants and bracelets. Although this beautiful handmade jewelry is made only by women is also worn by both women and men, where every color has an important meaning, from peace, health and unity. Their life follows the constant rhythm of nature and its seasons.

With the help of Istituto Oikos, back in 2006 the project Tanzania Maasai Women Art was brought to life. Looking forward to empower women from the village of Mukuru and today it supports more than 180 women who have gained economic independence and are able to preserve their inspiring talent.

At Folkloore.com we have always been committed with the wonderful and talented communities around the world. This is why in this occasion we choose to support the magnificent Maasai people through and exclusive capsule collection of bracelets, entirely made by hand with their traditional beadwork. Teaming up with Tanzania Maasai Women Art we aim to donate the proceeds to the Mamas, and will ensure their families access to two meals a day and a medical assistance.

By selecting the most exceptional fashion and crafts form the world’s most afar corners, our dream is to become a reference to the planet’s best and unique artisanal creations, revealing the secret beauty of inspiring handcrafts helping, promoting and sustaining ancient know-how and keeping local traditions alive.

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