Colombian Treasures: The Iraca Palm Collection

One of our best destinations is Colombia, always full of new products and crafts. In this occasion with the Tutti Frutti collection we decided to get in touch with our Colombian artisans to collaborate in a new collection of accessories inspired by the tropics, where each element became an exquisite piece of jewelry, such as fruit and parrot earrings, wonderful fruit-shaped bags and more.


The Iraca palm craft comes from different regions in the country. This art is mastered in the fields of Nariño, Caldas, Atlantico among other regions. Imagine the warm Colombian fields, where more than 400 Iraca palm plants are seeded each month, which join families during all their life, passing the tradition for several generations.
From the moment the seed touches the ground until the creation, the ability and expertise are printed in each piece. This stunning know-how is passed generation to generation by the women head of the family, where grandmothers, moms and daughters weave together for hours with their talented hands each and every piece of our collection.