The Chenteña Dress: A Playful Take on a Traditional Piece

Colorful houses plus the Latin vibe and a Mexican summer ahead, that is a magic and dream mix where small colonial towns, full of marketplaces and lively fiestas explode with their wonderful folkloric and art traditions.

The small town of San Vicente Coatlán, located 90km south from Oaxaca city, is an escape from the mundane. Our exclusive Chenteña dress, an interpretation of the “Blusa Chenteña”, beautifully hand-embroidered in cotton threads with the cross-stitched technique, repeating patterns featuring animals, flowers and people. It takes more than one month of hand work where every single cross composes each small detail of the intricate and rich embroidery. With its traditional and colorful design is a perfect match for the spring and summer days to come, giving your look a joyful twist.
This season, our Chenteña Dresses encourage us to wear them for any occasion, inspired by confident women celebrating femininity, traditionally worn by the same women who create them, for special occasions and Mexican fiestas. Combine yours with belts to accentuate the wrist, or with a leather jacket to create a fun and easygoing look. But the most important thing is that you have fun with it!